Can We Guess Which Celtic Goddess You Are?

Jennifer Post

Which emotion do you find yourself feeling the most?

Is there anything out of reach that you feel connected to on a spiritual level?

If someone was in need of help, what would you do?

What style suits you the best?

If you were something other than human in a past life, what would you have been?

As a goddess, what kind of hair would you want to have?

Would you want to be adorned with any kind of headpiece?

Do you think you would use your powers for good or evil?

Where would your goddess self live?

What would your animal companion be?

Would you have a special hobby as a goddess?

What is your greatest weakness?

Are you a good storyteller?

If you were standing on what seemed like the edge of the earth, what would you want to see in front of you?

Do you frequently interact with strangers?

Which other mythical creature would you want to be friends with?

Is there anything missing from your life right now?

As a goddess, which powers would you want your husband to have?

Which drink would be your magical elixir?

Would you ever step foot in an enchanted forest?

Which of the words below best describes you?

Are you protective of those you love?

Do you feel a responsibility to be the rock for people?

What are you inspired by?

How do you feel about people being wrongly accused?

Would you want the ability to speak with the dead?

In the world in which you preside over, would karma exist?

How would law-breakers be dealt with?

What does being a goddess mean to you?

Would the people around you love you or hate you?

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About This Quiz

Celtic goddesses can come to you from Ireland, Wales, Scotland and a few other places. This mythology lies deep in religion and tradition, as do most mythologies. The Romans destroyed most Celtic writings, so there isn't much historical documentation when it comes to Celtic mythology. However, the oldest part of Celtic mythology is that from Ireland. The Irish gods and goddesses are more deeply rooted in the Catholic religion, but not in the way you might think. When Christianity really started taking over, the gods and goddesses were all but removed from that culture. They had to rely on other writings and teachings to form the functions of society.

As a goddess, you get to make all kinds of decisions that others don't. But are these decisions based on your choice, or are they somehow embedded deep inside you? Your fate may not be your own, but it's what you do with it that matters. Having access to a higher power can frighten some people, especially those who serve below you. It's important to remember that as a goddess, you are strong and powerful, but using your powers for good or evil could make or break your legend status. Can we guess which Celtic goddess you are? Take this quiz and find out!

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