Quiz: Can We Guess Which City Matches Your Personality?
Can We Guess Which City Matches Your Personality?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Getty Images / Moment / Michael Godek

About This Quiz

As humans, we have no control over many things right before our birth. You can never choose who your father or mother is going to be, you can never choose the family you will grow up in, and you definitely can't choose the city, country or culture where you will be born. While most of us may have a certain rootedness factor in the places where we hail from, sometimes there is a tendency of wondering about wandering. Some attribute this to wanderlust, but some go beyond just that. It's not really a longing to leave, but it's more of a longing to find out if you belong somewhere else.

Many factors can contribute to such feelings. Whether you have been influenced by the media you're exposed to or not, the longing and desire to go out and discover the world is an innate thing, something that goes beyond mere "travel influencing." You know it's something deeper, something within you, and you know that something calls you out there, to visit or even to stay. Where? That's the beauty of it - the "where" is sometimes a mystery! 

So why not take a peek at this fun travel-oriented personality quiz, and see if you belong to another city. It doesn't matter if you've been there or not, and it could also be just an ideal representation of a kind of city you should be in. What matters is that you can assess if your personality might be a good fit in that place, somewhere else. Go on and explore, then. Happy trails!

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