Quiz: Can We Guess Which Gemstone You Are?
Can We Guess Which Gemstone You Are?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Wiki Commons By thisisbossi

About This Quiz

Gemstones are often touted as semi-precious stones because a lot of them exist all over the world, some concentrated in various parts while others are found in many places. Which gemstone do you think suits you?

Granted that they are all raw materials that are products of the same earth, each gemstone holds different kinds of qualities and emits different kinds of vibes and energies as well. Ancient civilizations have used some of these gemstones as viable materials to create daily things, such as weapons or equipment. Some gemstones are also treated as precious, therefore they are being traded as a pricey commodity. 

But there is also an undeniable fact that gemstones also have healing properties. Each gemstone emits particular vibes of some kind, the type that focuses on certain aspects of human existence and helps to heal or nurture our own aspects of being. Again, ancient civilizations have attested to these healing properties. That's why we also unearth certain gemstones that had important roles in major historical artifacts of ancient times. 

In this light, each gemstone might be emitting the same properties as we do, or they may be sending off vibes we can individually relate to as well. If you want to check which gemstone may be similar to you, then take this personality quiz and explore.

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