Can We Guess Which Horse Breed You'd Like to Own?

Zoe Samuel

Where will you and your horse go together?

Who will do most of the caring for your horse?

What activity will your horse do?

How gentle should your horse be?

Where will it live?

How pricey is it?

How spoiled is your ideal horse?

How sound are its legs?

How specialized is the care it requires?

Does it have any special skills?

What little quirk does it have?

Does it mind rough weather?

Can you just leave it in the field most of the time?

Is your horse your best friend?

Will it ever earn any money?

What color is your horse?

How will you style his or her mane or tail?

Will you ride English or Western style?

Will your horse get on with other horses?

How fast is your horse?

How strong is your horse?

Who is your horse's role model?

How often will you see your horse?

Will anyone but you ride or drive your horse?

At what age will your horse be in its prime for its main job?

How smart is your horse?

Does your horse like most people?

How old will you get it?

Will you worry about its pedigree?

Will you keep it forever, or sell it one day?

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About This Quiz

Horses have long been one of mankind's closest companions, ever since the dawn of civilization, and arguably even before then. Humans have been breeding horses for all those thousands of years, and we have differentiated them by size, strength, color, and nature. From the solid and sensible cob to the prissy and pretty palomino, the mighty draft horse to the dancing Lipizaners, we have created horses to entertain us, carry us, pull us (and our family and luggage) - to plough our fields and police our streets, to fight in our wars and herd our cattle. Nowadays, horses are mostly about pleasure, from polo to racing to scurry driving, though there are still working horses out there.

Which of the many breeds of horses is right for you? It's all about where and how you see yourself. Perhaps you're a hardy and outdoorsy type who needs a no-nonsense, surefooted companion for the mountains and moors. Maybe you're more of a flighty princess, who should be paired with the thoroughbred heirs to the Arab horses who raced across deserts. Or perhaps you're a homebody who merely needs a trusty friend to join you on your adventures. Whatever your preference, you know there is a breed who can fit your needs - and if you take this quiz, we'll figure out which one it is!

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