Can We Guess Which Major European City You'd Want to Live In?

Steven Miller

Which language would you most like to use on a daily basis?

Do you plan to own a car?

Which population of a major city and its surrounding communities sounds most appealing to you?

Which TV show sounds most appealing to you?

Which movie would you rather go see?

Besides football (soccer), which sport is most appealing to you?

Which would be your alcoholic beverage of choice?

Which musician do you like the most?

Which meal sounds the most appealing to you?

Which car would you rather drive?

Which tourist attraction is most appealing to you?

Which company would you rather work for?

How passionate about environmentalism are you?

Do you drink tea?

Would you consider yourself to be a passionate person?

Do you think you would take a siesta in the middle of the day?

Would you consider yourself to be more liberal or conservative?

Would you consider yourself to be more optimistic or pessimistic?

How romantic are you?

Which kind of architecture is most appealing to you?

How old are you?

What pace do you prefer to move at in life?

Which word best describes your fashion sense?

How do you feel about butter?

Which restaurant would you rather eat at?

What time do you usually go to bed?

Which historical figure fascinates you the most?

Which author would you rather read?

Which football star do you like the most?

Which artist's work would you rather look at?

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About This Quiz

Europe is a continent known for its big cities, historical features, safety and polite people. If you had to move over there, whether it be for work, for love, for fun or on a whim, where would you live? Well, we bet that we can correctly guess which city you'd pack your bags and move to if you had to go to the most sophisticated continent in the world. Ready to tell us if we're right or wrong?

Would you make your home in London? The people in this city are very well-mannered and down-to-earth. Or would you live in the city of love, Paris? There's no better place to go to for romance and wine. Or would you live in Rome? This is the place to go for some of the best food in the world! Or maybe it's really Barcelona. If you're the adventurous type (which we will figure out), this may just be the place for you! 

So, if you think we've got what it takes to correctly guess where you'd make your home in Europe, give this quiz a try! We're ready to prove ourselves to you (and any other naysayers that may exist)!

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