Can We Guess Which MLB Team You Root For?

Brian Whitney

Who would you hire to manage your team?

How into football are you?

How into St Patrick's Day do you get?

Who do you like most?

You need a home run to win, who is going to hit it?

How laid back are you?

Who is your favorite basketball player?

How rude are you?

Are you into Deep Dish pizza?

Are you into the Dropkick Murphys?

How into hot dogs are you?

What is your favorite year?

How loud do you talk?

How much do you drive?

Do you get jimmies on your ice cream?

Where would you get a burger?

Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty?

Are you into Dunkin' Donuts?

How often do you jaywalk?

What do you do when you see a panhandler?

Who is the best hitter of this group?

Who would steal a base for your team?

Who would you go to if you need a strikeout?

What color shirt do you like?

How many pizza slices do you eat a week?

How many celebrities do you know?

Do people give you demos to listen to?

Do you surf?

Who would you like to listen to announce a game?

What type of burrito do you want?

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About This Quiz

Baseball is a fabulous sport. While a lot of us love basketball and football, and some of us even are totally into hockey and soccer, there is only one sport like baseball. For many of us, we will never forget going to see our favorite team with our dads, bringing an old beat up baseball glove, just in case we were to catch a foul ball, and chowing down on hot dogs and pretzels on a beautiful summer day. Just thinking about it probably makes you wish you were at the ballpark right now.

But if you were at the ballpark, where would you be? Would you be at one of the more old-school parks like Wrigley Field or Fenway Park, rooting for the Chicago Cubs or the Boston Red Sox? Or possibly would you be watching the New York Yankees, who are the most successful team of all time? Or maybe you would be out on the west coast, checking out legendary teams like the San Francisco Giants or Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Who knows, you might even be a long-suffering fan of a team who has never won the world series, like the Texas Rangers or the San Diego Padres. We think we can guess which team you root for. So get in the batter's box, it's time to play ball. 

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