Quiz: Can We Guess Which Motorcycle You Own?
Can We Guess Which Motorcycle You Own?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

It takes a special breed of person to ride a motorcycle, and that natural need is something that is inherent in you. It's all in your style and the way you like to drive. Your behavior, tastes, and needs all determine the bike you should be straddling. Whether you are an impulsive and daring adrenaline junkie, or just like the thrill of rolling down the highway in leather, a resounding roar announces your presence miles down the road.

Are you the flashy type that hits the road at 100 mph in a sleek BMW? Or do you ride as a pack in America's most recognized brand - Harley Davidson?

From Japanese reliability to Italian style and tradition, it all fits right into your personality. The modern motorcycle started to come around in the late 19th-century, and since then thousands of incredible designs from dozens of manufacturers have hit consumers. Motorcycles have been designed for war, speed, off-roading, heavy moving and of course for just being cool.

With all the possibilities out there, we'd like to take a shot and guess which motorcycle you own. Answer a few questions and see how well your personality jives with your bike. You may even ride away wondering if you should be hopping on a different hog as your cruise to Sturgis.

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