Quiz: Can We Guess Which Motorcycle You Wish You Owned?
Can We Guess Which Motorcycle You Wish You Owned?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

There is just something about a motorcycle. Throughout the years, they have conjured up images of freedom and the open road. While everyone else is driving around in a metal box, those that have motorcycles are showing the rest of us that they are having fun while driving, and experiencing all that the world that has to offer, even if it can be a little dangerous from time to time.

It is a pretty cool fantasy when you think of it. But everyone's imagination is a little different. Some people think of themselves as the cool outlaw type on the Harley, doing their own thing and not caring what anyone else thinks. 

Others think of motorcycles as something that is high performance, and that they ride for speed and fun. Still others just like a bike because it is easy to get around in a city, and some use motorbikes to go off road and mess around on the trails.

There are so many bikes out there if you are into them, there is going to be at least one of them that fits your fantasy. If you take this quiz, we bet we can tell you which motorcycle you wish you owned.

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