Can We Guess Which NFL Team Broke Your Heart?

Beth Hendricks

How long has it been since your team was part of the Super Bowl?

What does your team's win-loss record look like?

How would you describe your head coach?

Have you ever lost a game in the final seconds?

When was the last time your team traded away a key player?

Has your team ever packed up and left town?

What was the most improbable thing that has happened to your team?

How many NFL championships can your team claim?

How many quarterbacks have been at the helm of your team in the past 20 years?

Has your team's fans ever worn brown paper bags over their heads?

Is your team the "easy win" on everyone else's schedule?

Is your team a regular participant in the playoffs?

How well would you say your team handles NFL Draft Day?

Sum up the tone of television coverage of your team in one word.

How controversial has your team been in the past few years?

In your opinion, what's the worst way to lose a game?

One of your players gets in trouble. Which of these best matches your response?

What type of attitude would you say you have going into the new season?

How many games would you need to win next year to consider it a successful season?

'Fess up: Has your team ever gone 0-16?

Think about your division. How does your team rank?

There's no place like home. What comes to mind when you think of your team's stadium?

Leadership is important to a team's success. Do you trust your team's front office?

A team's quarterback is a team's leader. What do you think of your current QB?

How long has it been since your team made the playoffs?

Imagine you're headed to the game. What would your homemade sign say?

It's Sunday afternoon and the game is about to come on. How do you feel?

You're surfing social media after a loss. What's the most common comment you encounter about your team?

You run into your team's head coach in a bar. What's he saying?

What is tomorrow's newspaper headline about your team most likely to say?

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About This Quiz

It was February 2017 and Super Bowl LI (51) had just gotten underway. The Atlanta Falcons started strong, in stark contrast to their opponent, the New England Patriots. As the clock ticked closer to halftime, the Falcons enjoyed a 21-3 lead over the NFL's perennial powerhouse. Just as some were thinking the game might be over, the Patriots surged back, tying the score with seconds to go in regulation and forcing overtime. You probably remember how that game ended - in an improbable 35-28 Patriots win that broke the hearts of the Falcons' players and fans. 

But the Falcons aren't alone. There are stories of teams throughout the NFL's two divisions – the NFC and the AFC, from Seattle to Miami and everywhere in-between, that have left fans screaming, crying and tearing out their hair. Lost the game on a last-second field goal? That has happened. Turned the ball over in the end zone on a go-ahead score? That too. Traded away a franchise player that you never thought you'd see wearing the opponent's team colors? Been there, done that. 

Navigate the questions in this quiz, from helmet catches that changed the outcome of the game to losing four consecutive Super Bowls, and we'll guess which team grabbed hold of your heart and then stomped it into the turf.

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