Quiz: Can We Guess Which NFL Team You Root For?
Can We Guess Which NFL Team You Root For?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Keith Allison

About This Quiz

Each NFL team's fans have their own unique qualities and idiosyncrasies. Between these characteristics and the traditions involved with your franchise, we figure we've got a good shot at guessing the colors you wear on Sundays in the fall. Your team's performance in recent years should seal the deal.

If you've grown so accustomed to winning that it's almost becoming boring and you believe that "Deflategate" is a fabrication to try and bring down a franchise that can't be beaten any other way, it seems clear that you are a Patriots fan. Your reaction to the day that Brady and Belichick retire will also be a clear sign that you wear the red, white and blue.

Perhaps you're on the other end of that spectrum. If you've celebrated a winless season with a parade, and you've stated, "There's always next year," during the first game of the season, we're going to guess that you're probably a Browns fan. If you're taking solace in your basketball team, then we're even more sure of our prediction.

If your fellow fans have thrown snowballs at Santa Claus in the past and you're still riding high from your first ever Super Bowl victory, then it's obvious that you're an Eagles fan. Resist the urge to boo during the quiz if you can.

Let the tailgating begin. The food you eat is sure to tell us a lot too.

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