Quiz: Can We Guess Which NYC Borough You Live In?
Can We Guess Which NYC Borough You Live In?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

New York's boroughs are as distinctive as the city itself. Each borough attracts or produces a certain crowd, be it cool, working class, elite, or, strangely, suburban. Can we guess where you come from?

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Do you like to walk everywhere?

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How many Italian restaurants within delivery distance is the minimum you can live with?

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Do you mind if your home might be underwater in 100 years?

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Do you like feeling a little bit like you live on the set of a movie?

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What view do you want to see from your window?

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Which train is the best train?

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How jealous do you want your non-New York friends to be?

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Which airport do you want to get to?

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Which direction would you ideally have your country house?

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Do you wear high heels regularly?

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Which sitcom do you want to pretend you're living in?

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What industry are you in?

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Do you need to have 100 comedy shows available for under $20 per ticket?

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