Can we guess which phobia you have?

By: Artimis Charvet
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About This Quiz

Everyone is afraid of something, but phobias are completely different. Phobias are the kind of thing that set of our fight or flight response. Whether you are a triskaidekaphobe afraid of the number 13 or the sight of a spider sees you burning down your house, phobias take a lot of work to overcome! They are held somewhere deeply inside us, and we have to face them directly. 

You might be okay with earthworms, but the sight of a snake would set off your Ophidiophobia. Phobias are often illogical and pop up at the strangest times. Unlike an ordinary fear that can be dismissed, phobias can even overpower the imagination. Phobias cause a lot of anxiety, and they can take years of therapy to resolve. By telling us about the things you fear, we'll be able to isolate your particular phobia. We'll try our best to keep it on the light side, but answering with your gut instinct will see the best results. 

Tell us if you are more afraid of the dark or more fearful of deep water, and we'll determine the fears from the phobias. Then, we'll be able to tell you the scientific word for the things that scare you most!

You are at summer camp, and spot a daddy long leg. You...

You are riding up the funnest, highest, fastest roller coaster. You are just ascending the tallest slope. You...

You are in your room and your night light is broken. You...

You are on a long vacation in a cabin you...

Your friends want to visit a pet store to look at the new dogs. You know very well they have pet spiders there. You...

Your friend (really excited)asks if you want to ride the 200 ft. drop tower. you...

You are at home and the power goes out. You...

You spot a water snake in the creek. You...

How often do you get sick to the point of vomiting?

Are you shy to the point of being afraid of people?

Are you scared when your left alone in the dark?

Do you ever want to go on a parachute?

Do you like change or changes?

How long can you stay in a tightly squished small room?

You can't stand-

Which situation sounds worse?

What happened in your last dream?

Choose a scary movie:

Which animal frightens you most?

Pick a synonym for "calm":

What do you do when you're scared?

Is it better to be feared or loved?

Do you know how to fight?

How brave are you?

What's your most useful talent?

How fast can you run?

Are you easily scared?

How would you least like to die?

Where would you most like to spend the night?

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