Quiz: Can We Guess Which Region of the U.S. Your Temperament Is Most Like?
Can We Guess Which Region of the U.S. Your Temperament Is Most Like?
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: Jacobs Stock Photography/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Californians love wacky ideas. Midwesterners love doing favors. People from Maine don't talk. 

The United States abounds in regional stereotypes, but they don't fit everyone! Just because you live in Oregon, that doesn't mean you're a big hiker. You may have grown up in Nevada, but that doesn't mean you're into gambling. A childhood spent in Nashville, Tennessee, doesn't guarantee a love of country music. 

So which region does match your temperament? Are you cool and laid-back, like someone from North Carolina? Or are you bookish and fond of old houses, like someone from Massachusetts? 

In this quiz, we'll ask you about your favorite drinks, food and music. We'll ask you how you'd respond to some difficult hypothetical situations and make you choose between outdoor activities. We'll also ask you about the best kind of pie, great American writers, how you feel about other people being late and more.

At the end of the quiz, we'll let you know which region fits you best. Maybe you already live there, or maybe this will be a big surprise. Ready? Let's get quizzin'! 

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