Can We Guess Which Sport You Played in School?

By: Jody Mabry

Are you an individual or a team player?

Are you more offensive or defensive?

Someone cuts you off while driving. How do you respond?

What age did you start playing sports?

Which do you prefer?

Did you ever want to go pro in your sport?

Who were you on the field?

What was your wake-up in high-school?

How would you get motivated for the day while in high school?

Which is your exercise of choice?

Who do you root for?

How do you decide your favorite team?

What is your favorite weather to play your sport in?

Which is your least favorite weather?

What was your favorite thing about your sport?

Were you on a lot of winning teams?

Which kind of race would you prefer running?

When did you first start dating?

Why would it be cool to be a professional athlete?

Where did you hang out as a kid?

Where do you hang out as an adult?

What's your current relationship status?

What was your favorite snack during practice?

In regards to strategy, your sport was like?

What show are you binge-watching this weekend?

Do you enjoy sweating?

What was the most important skill for your sport?

How did you first get involved in your sport?

How would you describe your first car?

How did you stay energized during a game or match?

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About This Quiz

For most people, sports are a big part of growing up, and many played them not just on the streets or in backyards, but in school too. Learning to play a sport in school teaches kids about teamwork, competitiveness, and challenging themselves, so it is no wonder so many kids have done it. But what kind of sport did you play? 

Some sports, like hockey, soccer or basketball, are all about teamwork on the floor, with all players doing a different job. Then you have sports like football or baseball, where the teamwork is still essential, but there are more individual things going on as well. Or maybe your scene was a sport that was totally not team oriented, like tennis or Track and Field. 

No matter what sport you played while you were in school, two things are almost certain: you learned a lot about yourself when you were competing for your school, and you had an experience that you will never forget. So what was your scene? Were you chasing a ball, shooting a ball, hitting a ball, or maybe just running as fast as you could? Whatever your answer is, we bet that we can guess it.

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