Can We Guess Which State You Belong in Based on Your Manners?

Teresa McGlothlin

Do you correct bad grammar on social media?

Where do you put your napkin when you eat?

What do you say when you make a toast?

If you passed gas during a meeting, what would you do?

What kind of first impression do you make?

Do you hold doors for others?

Do you steal the blankets when you share the bed?

What do you call the bathroom?

Do you ever get road rage?

Would you let a stranger use your phone?

Do you put your elbows on the dinner table?

How do you claim your personal space?

What do you do when guests come over?

How would you handle sleeping next to a loud snorer?

If your friend asked you how they look in a terrible outfit, how would you respond?

Do you send thank you cards for gifts?

Do you pull chairs out for people at the dinner table?

How do you settle arguments?

Which of your traits is the nicest?

Would you offer your chair to a pregnant woman?

Do you chew with your mouth open?

How would you tell someone they had spinach in their teeth?

Do you think you are charming?

Which state do you think is most polite?

How would you describe your manners?

Are you quick to apologize?

Would you ever text a sexy picture of yourself?

Where did you get your manners?

How would you cheer up a friend?

What do others like most about you?

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Image: John M Lund Photography Inc / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Whether the majority of your manners come from your nature or your nurture, some of them come from your experiences. After you tell us all about your Southern charms or your Northern niceties, we'll know which of the 50 states is the right state for you. Are you currently residing there, or will you need to rethink your location?

Each of the states has its own personality. Even good ol' American manners are said to differ across the country. For instance, the American South is known as one of the most polite places on earth. The Northeast, however, is known to play by a different set of rules; brute force is a little more acceptable in day to day interactions. Once we dig through the way you conduct yourself during your everyday life, we'll be able to place you in the state where you really belong!

Do you eat with your elbows on the table, or would you rather never leave home again? Do you hold the door for others, or do you let them get it for themselves? Is yelling your love language, or do you prefer a quiet chat? Tell us how polite you are, and we'll tell you which state you should call your home!

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