Quiz: Can We Guess Which State You Were Born In?
Can We Guess Which State You Were Born In?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Our very first experiences of being alive leave a lasting imprint on the whole of our existence. The culture, food, language, and music of our original hometown will always be a part of us. In this quiz, we believe that we can guess your birth state just from asking you some questions about your lifestyle and preferences. That being said, we'll also be a bit random at times, just to keep things fun.

For example, we think that your answer to how fast you tend to move in your daily life will point us in a general direction in the country. Once we've narrowed in that far, a question that examines your preferences in beer or dessert is sure to focus our attention on even further. 

Now that we've got it simplified down to a few choices, we'll begin to pick things apart with more detail. We'll use a question about the grocery store you most frequently shopped at as a kid to get a much clearer picture of where you were born.

Buckle up and get comfortable; we're about to take a road trip across the United States. When we're done, we think it's likely that we'll cross over the state line of where you were born.

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