Quiz: Can We Guess Which Steamy Romance Novel Is Your Favorite?
Can We Guess Which Steamy Romance Novel Is Your Favorite?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Which page-turning steamy novel has a permanent place on your bedside table? Once you tell us about your favorite books, your idea of a hot date, and fill us in on your personality, we think we'll be able to accurately guess the romance novel you put at the top of your reading list! Whether it's a New York Times Bestseller or it's a more obscure novel you read in college, we are confident we'll be able to figure it out! 

We will want to know things like: are you more like Ana or Christian from "50 Shades of Grey"? Throughout this steamy romance novel quiz, we want to get to know your expectations from a romantic relationship, and the things that get your motor revving. The things you choose to tell us about yourself and bedroom prowess will go a long way towards helping us decipher the kind of romantic literature you like most. We are discrete, and anything that happens in the quiz stays in the quiz. Please answer as honestly as possible, and you'll get the best results! 

Pour yourself a tall glass of wine, or water, and tell us about your reading habits! By getting to know you, we'll get to know your favorite steamy book. Let's see if we can get it right!

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