Can We Guess Which Truck Matches Your Personality?

Ian Fortey

If you have a big day ahead of you what are you going to have for breakfast?

How often would you say you go driving just for the fun of driving?

What's the most important thing to consider when you're looking for a new truck?

Looks aren't everything, but they must count for something. Do you like the looks of older trucks or newer trucks?

Why do you prefer a truck rather than a car?

A good vehicle can absolutely make your workday easier. Is a truck necessary for your job?

Any good relationship requires trust. Do you trust anyone to drive your truck?

It's fun to cut loose sometimes, but it can cost you. Have you ever been ticketed for speeding?

Are you a relaxed kind of person or do you tend to be a little more intense?

No one likes driving alone, do they? Who's most often riding shotgun with you?

Back in the day, who was it who taught you how to drive?

On a sunny, Sunday afternoon, what are you listening to on the radio as you drive down the street?

As automaking has advanced, a lot of features have been abandoned. What do you miss most from older trucks?

How often do you find yourself hauling something in your truck?

You can drive offensively or defensively. Do you consider yourself an aggressive driver or not?

How would you respond if another vehicle cut right in front of you then slammed on the brakes, nearly causing an accident?

If you're hanging out at home on a Friday night with some Netflix, what kind of movie are you going to be watching?

Everyone likes a fun vacation. How likely are you to take a road trip when you go on vacation?

If your friends are throwing a party, what kind of entrance are you making when you arrive?

Who do you consider to be the greatest action star of all time?

It's the end of a long work week and you're about to have lunch. How would you react if you discovered someone stole it from the office fridge?

Sometimes you need to get away for a weekend. What city would you want to go to the most?

How many trucks have you owned in your lifetime?

Where would you like to take someone on a first date?

If you're sitting at home and get the urge to listen to some music, how do you do that?

How do you think your friends would describe you in a single word?

The Avengers are Earth's greatest heroes! Which one do you feel closest to?

Are you the kind of person who's always looking forward to the future or thinking about what you enjoyed in the past?

You don't have to be an athlete to still be a sports fan. What's the best sport?

If you couldn't drive a truck, what would you be behind the wheel of?

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Image: Wiki Commons by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

About This Quiz

A car is all fine and good if you want to drive grandma to the park or maybe race around a track at breakneck speeds in a circle. But if you have a job to do, if you have real work that requires some horsepower and some torque, then you need a truck. Nothing gets the job done like a truck, and nothing can come close to looking as good doing it. As with many things in life, you can't be too careful when you're in the market for a new truck. No one wants to go for the first thing that comes along without any research going into it. That's just silly. You want a truck that's going to meet your needs in terms of form and function. 

With the thousands and thousands of trucks that have been produced over the years, there's something for everyone out there. But we're not concerned with that right now, are we? We're concerned with what it's right for you. Of all the trucks ever designed, what's the one that works best for you? What trucks reflects your inner self, and matches your personality? If you answer a few quick questions for us, we can narrow it right down. Buckle up and take the quiz!

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