Can We Guess Which Truck You Own?

Jody Mabry

What do you use your truck for?

Why do you think girls love guys who drive trucks?

What is an essential feature for your truck?

Where do you take your truck on the weekends?

What's the strangest thing you've done with your truck?

You're stuck in traffic and are late for a hot date. What do you do?

How do you get those RPMs moving?

What is your go-to "the lover isn't looking" food?

What generation truck owner are you?

What kind of truck bed do you have?

What is the climate like where you live?

After you bought your first truck, how long did it take for a friend to ask you to help them move?

Why did you choose not to own a car?

What automotive career do you wish you had?

Do you let people eat in your truck?

What's your dog like?

What's the biggest thing you'd haul behind your truck?

What duty truck do you drive?

Do you buy new or used?

Are you frugal?

Where's the worst place you've gotten your truck stuck?

How do you help others with your truck?

What kind of hat do you wear?

What is something that bugs you about your truck?

Do you look different while driving a truck rather than car?

How is driving a truck different than other vehicles?

What kind of shirt do you usually wear?

Do you hunt or fish?

Who is allowed to drive your truck?

If your truck is too big to park in a parking spot, what do you do?

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About This Quiz

Does rolling down a dusty, country road in your pickup with your dog at your side sound like your idea of a good time? Once you own a truck, life keeps getting more adventurous. Truck ownership offers a lot of freedom and versatility that car owners could never really appreciate. Plus, truck owners love their trucks so much they start to take on their traits over time!

Let's take a look at both the inside and the outside of your truck. Tell us about all those little details that only you would know because driving a truck is an intimate relationship. Then tell us how you feel when you are driving it. Do you feel like the king of the road, or are you designed for more of an off-road trek through the woods? The way you view yourself behind the wheel and the ins and outs of your truck's dashboard, engine and chassis will help us to guess exactly which truck you own!

As you motor your way through the quiz, choose the responses you feel most accurately describe your beloved truck. We will put it all together and decide if you park a Tacoma or a Ram in your driveway!

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