Quiz: Can We Guess Which Truck You Really Want?
Can We Guess Which Truck You Really Want?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Trucks are awesome. If you aren't into trucks, you probably think there isn't a whole lot of difference between one and another. If you are into trucks, you probably think that the person who says that doesn't have much of an idea what they're talking about. 

Every man, or woman for that matter, that is dreaming of getting a truck has an entirely different dream. Some want something that is just fun and good on mileage that looks cool, others want a truck that they can take off roading and mess around in. Some want a truck that is good at towing and hauling things and still, others want a truck because it is reliable and suitable for work because they need to throw their tools in the back.

How about you? When you go to bed at night and dream of your perfect truck, what do you see?  And don't tell us that you're thinking of those Yosemite Sam "Back off" mudflaps, because we'll lose all respect for you. Actually, those things are cool! If you take this quiz, we're pretty sure we can guess what truck you're dreaming off, or maybe the one that you should be. Don't forget to buckle up.

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