Quiz: Can We Guess if You Drive a Manual or an Automatic?
Can We Guess if You Drive a Manual or an Automatic?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Pexel

About This Quiz

No two tribes have argued articles of faith more than the manual car drivers and the automatic car drivers. No great historical struggle, from Manifest Destiny to the British Empire to the Crusades, has inspired such foamy mouthed fervor and enthusiastic passion. To a manual transmission driver, the manual is the zenith of automotive engineering: leave the automatic systems to the car's air conditioning and satellite navigation, because the transmission is as much a part of the driving experience as turning the steering wheel or tapping the brakes. To an automatic transmission driver, the endless march of technology is always good, that the automation of systems is good because it frees human labor, and that having to change gears when all you're doing is getting a pack of toilet paper is juvenile.

Just as a Porsche owner can be recognized by their casual use of the words "naturally aspirated," manual transmission and automatic transmission owners have tells. We have compiled a comprehensive list of these traits and all the cultural and societal norms common to both groups and developed an examination you can take right now that will give us everything we need to peg you as one group or the other. Care to try it?

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