Can We Guess If You Grew Up in the City, the Country, or the Suburbs?

Steven Miller

When people ask you where you grew up, what do you tell them?

How stressful was it to cross the street as a kid?

How much wildlife did you see as a kid?

Which best fits your idea of a fun party as a kid?

Do you still stay in touch with the kids you grew up with?

How much did neighbors know about you as you were growing up?

How often did you find yourself bored as a kid?

Which kind of restaurant most reminds you of being a kid?

At what age did you first drive a vehicle of some kind?

How diverse was the community you grew up in?

How far were you from the nearest major airport?

Is Uber or Lyft available in the place you grew up in?

Did you have to develop a thick skin where you grew up?

How frequently did you use public transportation as a kid?

How often did you eat foods from different cultures as a kid?

Could you see the Milky Way in the sky as a kid?

In general, how long would it take you to drive 20 miles in the place you grew up?

What time did places close down where you're from?

How far away was the nearest cul-de-sac from your childhood home?

How much time did you spend at the mall in your youth?

How big was your yard growing up?

Have you ever camped in your backyard?

How many big box stores were in the place where you grew up?

How important were high school sports in your hometown?

How many different schools did you attend as a kid?

Was either of your parents in the military?

How efficient are you at packing a bag?

How common was it for you to feel like the outsider at school?

How do you feel about traveling?

How likely are you to go back and live in your original hometown?

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About This Quiz

There are many differences between growing up in the big city and being raised out in the boonies. Some of those differences are obvious, like how well people in your town knew your business or how dangerous it was for you to cross the street as a kid. Some of the differences are a little more subtle, like what your favorite restaurant was or how many trips you took to the mall in your youth. Either way, we think that we'll be able to narrow in on the answer by the end of this quiz.

Perhaps you're quite used to people acting fairly rude to each other, and you tend to be in a bit of a hurry with everything you do. If you've experienced intense boredom, despite being surrounded by every entertainment and dining choice imaginable, we're likely to guess that you were a city kid.

Maybe most of your friends lived on the same block as you, and you rode your bikes around the neighborhood to catch up on the subdivision scene. If you lived near a cul-de-sac and there were more big box stores than you could count within a few miles of your home, we're pretty sure that you grew up in the suburbs.

It's time to take a trip down memory lane. Are you riding a bike or hopping on the subway?

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