Quiz: Can We Guess if You Prefer McDonald's or Burger King?
Can We Guess if You Prefer McDonald's or Burger King?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Beatles or Stones? Pepsi or Coke? Chocolate or Vanilla? It's these fundamental questions that differentiate us. When it comes to fast food, there is a classic choice that regularly presents itself to us on our neighborhood's street corners. The question is, will you be turning into the Golden Arches or are you going to stop at BK?

Just as is the case with other popular choices that face us in modern society, these advertising campaigns run deep, and these two giants have been going after each other for years. Messages of why one is better than the other inundate us. In this quiz we'll see which commercials earned your loyalty over the years.

Whether you choose a Whopper or a Big Mac, each restaurant's menu is a reaction to what sells the best for the competitor. Things are always changing as these restaurants try offering breakfast all day, dollar menus, and cheap combo deals to keep the customers coming in the door.

We could go the easy route with this and only ask you questions about menu items and which fast food meals you prefer, but let's make this interesting and also throw some incredibly random questions at you and see if we still come up with your top choice. 

Are you hungry for the answer? Please pull forward to the next window.

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