Quiz: Can We Guess Your Absolute Favorite Color?
Can We Guess Your Absolute Favorite Color?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Jacqueline Foss/Flickr/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Of all the colors on the color wheel, there's undoubtedly one you like more than all the others. Once we get a good sense of your traits and the colors you like or dislike, we think that we will be able to figure out which one you call your very favorite. Will we get it right, or will we be left with rosy red cheeks?

Every color has a unique set of associations and qualities. For instance, we tend to think of red as meaning stop or danger, but colors like blue are associated with serenity or water. After we get a good feel of your personality, we will pair it up with the color that always grabs your attention and makes you smile.

As we dig deeper and deeper into your psyche with our questions, we think we will find the known traits of your favorite color in your answers. The reason we are attracted to certain colors is that they reflect something about ourselves. We relate to them and love them because they remind us of the best parts of ourselves. 

Can we get your favorite color right? Let us take our best guess, and we'll both find out! 

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Which eye color is most alluring?

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What does the ocean make you think of?

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Which word describes your current mood?

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Which of your physical features do you like most?

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What kind of shoes do you wear most?

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Which hair color would you try?

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Which shape do you find most appealing?

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How would your best friend sum up your sense of fashion?

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Which flower is most beautiful to you?

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Which holiday is most fun?

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When are you most active?

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What kind of soda do you prefer?

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What type of gifts do you give?

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Which color combination do you like the least?

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Which fabric do you prefer?

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