Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Pet Peeves?

Erica Garcia

Does loud chewing bother you?

Your roommate left the light on in the bathroom even though they aren't using it. What's your reaction?

The driver in front of you is driving 25 mph, and you're already late for work. What do you do?

How do you feel about waking up to sunlight through the window?

A group of tourists is standing in your way trying to take pictures in the middle of Times Square. How do you react?

You're at the movie theater and the person in the seat next to you won't stop bouncing their knee. What do you do?

How do you feel about dirty dishes being left in the sink overnight?

You're on a bus and the person sitting next to you just sneezed on your arm. What do you do?

Do loud sports cars bother you?

What's your reaction when people say they hate your favorite movie?

You're on your way to a work meeting but the elevator is moving agonizingly slow. What do you do?

How do you feel when someone invades your personal bubble?

If your roommate left their leftovers on the dinner table, what would you do?

Do people who blow bubbles using their chewing gum bother you?

You're shopping for the holidays and have been standing in line at checkout for over 20 minutes. The man in front of you just cut in line. You ...

You just ordered a drink at Starbucks, and they misspelled your name on the cup again. You ...

What's your reaction when your friend changes the radio station while your favorite song is playing?

How do you feel when people interrupt you in the middle of a conversation?

You're trying to catch the bus into the city, but the bus driver has already pulled away from the stop just a few feet in front of you. You ...

How do you feel when people randomly burst into song?

Does not receiving replies to your text messages right away bother you?

You're at the movie theater in the middle of watching a very dramatic scene when suddenly a phone goes off. You ...

Does snoring bother you?

How do you feel about loud, crying children in public areas?

What's your reaction when people at the gym loudly slam their weights on the floor right next to you?

How do you feel about paying $5.50 for a cup of coffee?

You're watching a movie with your friend, and they are constantly asking you what's going on in every scene. How do you respond?

Your next-door neighbor is an electric guitarist and they play 24/7. You ...

When your boss calls you on your day off, you ...

Do you like the sound of sneakers running across a gymnasium floor?

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About This Quiz

Every person has a few things that they hate about the world, and a few things they can't stand that other people do. From loud chewing to tardiness, pet peeves are just a part of being human!

The funny thing about pet peeves is what they just might reveal about you and your personality! If it bothers you that the person in front of you is walking a little too slowly, maybe you're the kind of person who values being on time. Hate the way you have to repeat yourself when other people can't hear what you're saying? You're probably someone who values the power of words!

We're going to throw you a few questions, and based on your responses we'll match your reactions to guess your age. While the same things might stress, irritate or annoy many people, the way you react to these situations is unique to you! Pet peeves are bothersome no matter who you are. Whether you're an extrovert who's always ready to defend yourself or an introvert who would rather spend time watching movies on your own, we're all human and are bound to respond to crazy situations differently.

Think we can get your age right? We'll try to match your pet peeves and reactions to guess what age you are. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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