Quiz: Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Response to These Social Situations?
Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Response to These Social Situations?
By: Lauren Lubas
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About This Quiz

Age isn't just a number anymore. And if you think it is, you haven't been paying attention. As you mature, your experiences shape you as a person. Your interactions with those around you become more focused on enjoyment rather than creating an experience. You want to learn more, encounter more, and experience more... especially when it comes to socializing. 

As you go through the same social situations over and over again, your brain starts to look for more engaging conversations, with deeper meaning. This actually affects how you respond to social interactions. In your 20s, you might be looking for a good laugh and a fun time. In your 30s, fewer things are funny to you, and you're more interested in a conversation. In your 40s, you do anything to avoid a hangover. As a matter of fact, when presented with different social situations at different ages, your mind has an instant reaction that tells you whether or not to avoid that situation (or how to escape from it). While everyone is different, you'd be surprised at how the human mind matures socially.

Don't believe us? Tell us how you'd respond to these social situations, and we'll see if we can guess your age.

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If you were at the store, and a stranger asked you about your bag, how would you respond?

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How many people is a comfortable amount for you to be around at a party?

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If someone invites you over, but you only have an hour to get ready, what do you say?

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If someone texts you that they have gossip on someone else, what do you do?

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If you're at a restaurant where the tables are ridiculously close together, how do you treat the people at the table next to you?

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When eating lunch at work, a coworker starts talking about the receptionist. What do you do?

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When you're ready to leave the club, what do you tell your friends?

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If you can't find anything good to wear, do you still go out?

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How do you respond when the bartender is ignoring you?

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What do you bring to a housewarming party?

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