Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Taste in Snacks?

Zoe Samuel

The No. 1 question on everyone's mind is, which numeric chocolate bar has your number?

How has your snacking changed over time?

On an average day, which Burger King Value Menu item would you have?

What snacks would you bring to the video game tournament?

Which McDonald's Snacks and Sides menu item would you prefer?

When you're feeling nutty, which nutty chocolate is your weakness?

Do you snack differently than your family?

What sucking candy doesn't suck?

From your view in the batter's box, which old-time baseball-themed snack is your small ball?

Let's take a trip. Which location-based candy bar makes you want to move house?

Bon voyage! Which international candy do you deem Wunderbar?

Health is next to wealth! On which fruit would you snack at work?

Game on! With which stadium food would you kick off the season?

OK, gourmet, what would you pair with a fine cabernet?

Not to guilt trip you, but which fair trade chocolate makes you feel virtuous?

Skipping the doctor, which organic chocolate feels natural to you?

Do you snack more when you are stressed out?

How do you like to snack on long flights?

How often do you snack at work?

Do you often like to reward yourself with a snack?

Has your snacking ever resulted in any health issues?

How often do you snack between meals?

What sort of snack do you like at the movies?

Feeling romantic? What brand of candy would you give on Valentine's Day?

What kind of snack would you take into the great outdoors?

Do you like to snack after a workout?

Hey, spaceman! Which celestial candy is your escape velocity?

What's your midnight snack of choice?

What munchies would you hoard for a horror movie marathon?

What are you snacking on right now?

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About This Quiz

Culture is an evolution. Culture is a process. Culture is a dance into which new dancers join, and leave, each popularizing specific steps that mark a measure of the music that is human history. Some people will develop very strong tastes either because of familiarity with something one had as a child, or because of the symbolism of the thing and its historical origins, or because it reflects a certain set of values one espouses. Some people will refuse to wear clothing produced a certain way or with certain materials because, in a formative moment of their lives, some piece of information relevant to their values made a strong impression on them. As a result, there are people who will not wear leather, fur, or clothing produced in sweatshops. Similarly, people make choices about other pieces of culture based on values like these. Some people avoid certain kinds of movies by certain authorial voices. Others avoid food with animal products or made with certain modern ingredients.

You are a product of your environment. You have certain qualities that became a part of you because you let them in at the right time. We can deconstruct your tastes and determine your age based on what you like and how you like it. Don't believe us? Answer some questions about snacks and we will tell you your age!

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