Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Star Wars Opinions?

Zoe Samuel

Of these, which was the best Star Wars film?

Of these, which was the worst Star Wars film?

Of these, which moment in the Star Wars films did you love the most?

Did the re-worked special effects and deleted scenes improve the original films?

Which of these Star Wars films would you be willing to watch over and over again?

Of these, which character do you most identify with?

Of these, which character do you dislike the most?

Which of these would make the best video game?

If you could be in one of the Star Wars films, which would you want to act in?

Which was the most heartbreaking moment in all the Star Wars films?

Which was the best Star Wars TV show?

Which was the worst Star Wars TV show?

Which item of technology would you most want to have from the Star Wars mythology?

Which Force power do you admire the most?

Which ship from Star Wars was the coolest?

Who among these characters was the coolest?

Which of these alien characters would you most like to hang out with?

What planet from Star Wars would be a place you'd like to visit?

Which actor from the Star Wars saga have you followed outside those films?

Which of the Star Wars books do you like best?

Which of the Star Wars books do you like the least?

Which character from the films would you cosplay?

Which Star Wars character was on your childhood lunchbox?

Which Star Wars toy do you still own?

How did you feel about how things ended for Luke Skywalker?

How did you feel about how things ended for Han Solo?

Who had the coolest lightsaber?

What is the franchise's greatest strength?

What is the franchise's greatest weakness?

How soon do you go to see the movies when they come out?

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Image: WikiCommons by Sam Howzit

About This Quiz

Star Wars isn't a series of movies. It is a cultural phenomenon. It's a cultural touchstone that is constantly reinventing itself, splitting into more and more media by the day. First, there were movies and lunch boxes. Then there were toys and video games. Soon there were television shows, novels, even an actual religion recognized in the UK.

Opinions on the evolution of Star Wars vary. Some fans really did love the prequel film trilogy. Some have taken to the new trilogy. Many knew the original three films and read the books, pretending the rest of the franchise's development hasn't happened. Many children were introduced to the series not through the movies or television shows, but by their PlayStations. Star Wars can be experienced visually, or on the many soundtrack albums released as CDs and MP3s.

So where do you stand on Star Wars? Which characters are your favorites? Which plot twists do you play over and over again in your mind? Which of the films stands out to you as the best of the bunch? Answer these questions, and we'll take our best guess at your age based on how you feel about the greatest film franchise of all time!

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