Can We Guess Your Age by What Fast Food You Love and Hate?

Ian Fortey

There's long been a feud between McDonald's and Burger King. Where do you stand?

Who has the best French fries in the world of fast food?

If you're in the mood for Mexican, where do you want to go?

It seems like you have dozens of choices when you go out to eat, but what one place do you try to avoid at all costs?

What's the most egregious mistake a fast-food restaurant could make with your order?

What's the vilest thing someone could put on your burger?

Sometimes a burger isn't what you want. If you're feeling like chicken, which place knows what's up?

You're out with friends and you're trying to decide where to eat. What's your number-one vote?

Fast food gets in the news a lot when it's bizarre and weird. Which crazy fast-food item actually sounded kind of awesome?

Pretty much every style of food is available in the fast-food world. Which type reigns supreme?

If you're home on a Friday night and feel like ordering pizza, what place do you hit up?

What fast-food place has mastered the art of breakfast?

If you're at a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, what are you going to order?

How do you feel about a soft taco from Taco Bell?

You need ice cream in your life. Which place is going to give you the best ice cream?

When you're in the market for something not too greasy, a sandwich might be what you want. Who does sandwiches best?

Sometimes you need a pick-me-up and fast-food coffee is always nearby. Who's making the best coffee?

Which big fast-food burger is the best of the best?

What do you think is the most overrated kind of fast food on the market?

Which side dish do you wish more fast-food restaurants offered?

Fast food often moves in trends. Which recent trend was the best one?

McDonald's has a long history of trying out awful ideas. Which one was their biggest misstep?

If you find yourself at McDonald's, what's your go-to order going to be?

People will try to fast-food anything. Which kind of cuisine should never be sold at a fast-food place?

If you're in the mood for something healthy, where are you going to go?

There are plenty of reasons to eat out, but what's your favorite thing about fast food in general?

There are dozens and dozens of fast-food chains out there. How many different places do you think you've tried?

Fries aren't the only thing you can do with a potato. What's the tastiest way to use a potato in fast food?

There are endless fast-food beverage options. What kind of drink goes best with a fast-food meal?

Not everyone knows what they're doing out there. Who makes the worst fast-food burger you ever ate?

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About This Quiz

In generations to come, you'd better believe that psychologists will be spending time writing dissertations on the way fast food was like a gateway to the human soul.  Oh yeah, there's a lot going on there. Think about it - fast food is an incredible mix of an essential element for life and also a kind of unnecessary, often unhealthy additive to everyday living.  it combines the very thing we need to survive with so much that we feel is unnecessary for survival. Fast food is like the yin and yang of deliciousness. 

Because fast food is such a big part of the world around us, we often don't even think about what our choices reveal. If you love Burger King but hate McDonald's, what does that mean?  If you crave Taco Bell but despise KFC, are you revealing something about who you are?  The answer is yes. Totally. And if you tell us what you like and don't like about the world of fast food, not only will we learn a little about what makes you tick, we'll be able to condense that info into an eerily accurate guess at how old you are right at this very moment.  It may sound unbelievable, but take the quiz and you'll see!

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