Can We Guess Your Age by Your Taste in Fast Food?

Ian Fortey

What was the greatest thing Taco Bell ever put on their menu?

Fast food is good in a pinch, but what kind of food is always better homemade?

Which burger place is the undisputed master of making the best hamburger?

A hamburger isn't complete without a side. Which side makes for the best meal?

You need the perfect place to eat your meal, so where do you most want to eat?

When you're buying some kind of value meal, do you buy extras or is the meal enough?

What is the ultimate beverage to wash down that tasty burger?

Everyone knows French fries are the best side, but who makes the best French fries?

There are a million ways to top a burger but what one topping must absolutely be on your burger?

Everyone's tastes are different, but what's one fast food menu item that you would never, ever order?

Fried chicken is practically an art form. What fast food chicken place has nailed it?

Not to start a fight or anything, but is a hot dog a sandwich?

Healthy eating is important, even when you're ordering fast food. What chain has mastered the healthy menu?

Some mornings, nothing beats a fast food breakfast. Where's your go-to breakfast spot?

Sometimes a burger won't do and you need that cheeseburger. What cheese makes it stand out?

Every good fast food chain has a good mascot. Who (or what) is the best mascot of them all?

Fast food is big all over the world so what items from abroad do you wish you could try?

Sometimes you can't deny your sweet tooth. What's the best fast food dessert item out there?

Having a huge burger on the menu is always an attention-grabber. What extra big burger would you try?

Subway isn't the only name in the sandwich game. What other chain makes a mean sandwich?

We all know the big shots like McDonald's and Taco Bell, but what are the most underrated fast food places out there?

You can't have a combo without a drink, but how do you like yours?

Not every fast food place survives out there. Which of these do you wish would make a comeback?

You know about secret menus at fast food places, right? Who has the best secret menu?

What one food item is necessary to complete any fast food breakfast?

Sometimes you need a little heat to spice up your life. What's the best spicy fast food item?

After some intense partying, what's the best fast food to cap the night and send you to bed?

Not every food item translates well to fast food. What's something you wish you could get in a hurry more often?

You have so many choices in fast food but, pound for pound, what's the best fast food cuisine?

Lots of fast food menu items normally come on a bun. What is the greatest idea to replace a bun a fast food restaurant ever had?

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About This Quiz

Don't you just love a thick, juicy burger piled high with bacon and cheese and maybe a dash of that secret sauce? Or are you a sucker for that crispy, salty fried chicken goodness? Maybe you're doing your best to be good, so when you do grab a quick bite you get a healthy sandwich loaded with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and onions on whole wheat bread?

You've got a whole world of fast food choices out there. In fact, the global fast food industry is worth over $500 billion. Billion! That's a whole lot of fries and extra cheese right there. Safe to say most people love to indulge now and then. That also means that all of those choices can say a lot about who you are as a person. Your tastes and desires for something as simple as a burger topping could speak volumes.

Whatever your fast food tastes may be, answer the questions in this quiz as honestly as you can. Go with what your taste and palate dictate and from that, we'll be able to glean some information about your maturity level. Call it a bit of gastronomical science and prognostication! Once it's all said and done, we'll take our best guess.  Now get the napkins and ketchup packets ready and dig into the quiz!

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