Quiz: Can We Guess Your Age From the Places You've Visited?
Can We Guess Your Age From the Places You've Visited?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If you've been around long enough to go around the block (and a couple of continents), then you might know places by different cultures and names than they currently have. Can we use the stamps in your passport to figure out your age?

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Where in South America have you been?

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What disease factors into your travel choices?

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Do you respect the customs of places you go?

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Do you cover your head when you visit a house of worship?

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Do you take off your shoes inside a house of worship?

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What supposedly really cool event happens in Black Rock City?

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Do you anticipate going into space during your lifetime?

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If you were to travel near the Himalayas, would you want to travel over or around them?

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What country were you in when you visited Kiev?

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Have you ever spent money in renminbis?

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Where could you go to Disneyland?

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