Can We Guess Your Astrological Sign Based on Your Taste In Men?

Kennita Leon

How tall do you like your men?

What's your go-to skin complexion?

What color hair do you prefer?

How long do you like a man's hair to be?

What eye color do you love?

What is your lip preference?

What type of facial hair should a man have?

What kind of body would you love to hold at night?

How important are abs to you on a scale of one to four, where four is the most important?

What's your stance on chest hair?

How do you feel about hair in other places?

How important is package size to you?

Is sexual chemistry necessary?

How do the guys you like normally dress?

What kind of shoes do they love wearing?

What kind of house does he live in?

Who does he live with?

What does he do for a living?

When he's not working, what is he doing?

Does he have lots of female friends?

Is he close to his mom?

What's your favorite personality trait in a man?

If your man was a vegetable, which one would he be?

If he were a meat, which would it be?

What trait can make you swoon?

The sexiest men come from which of these countries?

Should this man get along with your friends?

Should he have tattoos?

Do you want to get married eventually?

Do you believe in soulmates?

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About This Quiz

Certain astrological signs enjoy certain things, and people have been looking to the stars for guidance and self-awareness for as long as we've been around. 

By figuring out precisely what you look for in a man, we can guess your astrological sign and element! Let us what you love and can't stand physically in a beau. Tell us what personality traits you need from your dude. Enlighten us as to whether you would prefer a gentleman or a bad boy. We even want you to tell us what field he should work in. 

Will your choices let us know that you're a fiery and passionate Leo?  Will you go for the confident men who aren't afraid to let you know what they like about you? Will your tastes reveal that you're a fun, yet indecisive Gemini? Will your choices contradict each other? Or will your tastes reveal something else entirely, like you're a Virgo or a Scorpio?

If you want us to accurately guess your sign and element based on what you like in your men, take our quiz! If we're wrong, feel free to blame Mercury retrograde.

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