Can We Guess Your Biggest Phobia?

Ian Fortey

You and your friends hit up an amusement park, and they want to go on this giant new rollercoaster. How's that working out for you?

How do you react when you get one of those severe-weather warnings on your phone?

If you saw a strange dog coming toward you, how do you think you'd react?

How often do you watch horror movies?

Which movie would you low-key need someone else to watch with you?

Where's the last place in the world you'd want to be right now?

If you run into something that scares you, what's the best way to calm down and get back to living your best life?

Nature is straight-up scary, and there's no shame in acknowledging that. Which animal is scariest?

Did you know that back in the day pretty much everyone had an antenna on the roof so they could watch TV? And if it fell over you had to go up and fix it? Could you handle that?

What's your gut instinct when you're afraid of something?

The best way to get away from something scary is to legit get away. So what's your escape plan?

Do you actually jump when a horror movie busts out one of those loud, surprising jump scares?

The thing about phobias is that they don't always make sense. What's a common fear other people have that you just don't get?

Think anyone's ever been scared of you?

There are a ton of scary places in the world, but which one of these is 110% the worst?

What creepy thing are you not having in your house?

Horror movies are full of stupid people as a rule. Do you ever talk to characters in movies and tell them what to do?

The power went out! You gotta go to the basement to check the fuses. No problem, right?

Are you extra cautious when Friday the 13th rolls around? The date, not the movie.

Halloween is clearly one of the most fun holidays. Do you go all out for it?

You can have fears but still be brave, right? Would you consider yourself brave?

Yoda said that fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate. You agree with that?

Fear can be shown in a bunch of ways. How do you physically react?

Do you feel like you have a handle on your fear or is that thing just hectic?

When you were little did the dark scare you?

Let's say you're hitting up the beach for an afternoon. Any chance you're worried about sharks?

Your brain can just go off sometimes. Do you ever have bad nightmares?

Are you the kind of person who'd prank a friend?

What kind of real-world, heavy stuff are you legit afraid of?

It's your lucky day! You just won a big award, and there's a cash prize and stuff. All you have to do is give a speech when you accept. How's that make you feel?

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About This Quiz

There's a bit of a difference between a fear and a phobia that most people don't pay much attention to. Everyone has fears because it's just the way things are. You're afraid of fire because it'll burn you. You're afraid of a venomous snake because it could kill you. You're afraid of spicy foods because, well, bad things happen sometimes. But a phobia is next level. Phobias are what happens when fears get a little out of hand. Maybe they're no longer reasonable; they go above and beyond what the situation calls for. A phobia is like when you're crippled by fear or you freak out because you saw a spider across the yard. It's fear you can no longer control. And that's nothing to be ashamed of: We all experience that once in a while. 

How you deal with a phobia is different for everyone. Some people ignore it entirely, others get therapy and others just try to power through like a champ. That's on you, though, and whatever works for you is cool. But let's go back a step to the phobia itself. There are so many things you could be afraid of, so what are the odds we can guess what it is? We bet we can pull it off, though. Take the quiz and see for yourself ... unless you're scared.

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