Quiz: Can We Guess Your Biggest Vice?
Can We Guess Your Biggest Vice?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

A vice is defined as "a practice, behavior or habit which is generally considered immoral, sinful and degrading by the members of society." The most common types are gambling, late night snacking, smoking, drinking, having lots of sex, and sleeping too much. While some of them are not as bad as the others and while many people may not see them as vices, these listed vices have been said to show weakness in character and morality.

Like a moth to a flame, it is the constant need to engage in these activities that makes it immoral, and while many people can control their urges, there are also many who cannot. For this reason, many societies have likened these habits to an addiction. There are also those that are considered illegal and are punishable by law if one is caught in the act.

Can this quiz correctly identify what your vice is? Will you be guilty of smoking cigarettes or weed, drinking some type of alcohol, snacking at all hours of the night, or gambling away your hard earned money? The only way to find out if we can guess it correctly is to take this quiz!

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