Quiz: Can We Guess Your Blood Type?
Can We Guess Your Blood Type?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

In 1927, a Japanese professor named Takeji Furukawa became curious about the crossover between blood types and personalities. He believed that each blood type correlated to specific personality traits, and it remains a popular theory throughout parts of Asia. During this quiz, we will use his findings to do our best to guess your blood type! 

To get it right, we'll need to learn about your lifestyle, quirks, and your personality. Through a series of questions, we will gauge your responses according to the blood type that shares your personality traits. After some scientific analysis and a whole lot of mathematics, we're positive will be able to figure out the type of blood that courses through your veins. Are you comfortable being alone like a Type A, or are you more of a social animal like Type B? Although it might be easier to hire a phlebotomist and take a vial of blood, our way of finding out your blood type is far more fun and entertaining, not to mention a lot less painful!

Without having to draw blood or leave a bruise, we're confident we'll be able to guess your blood type with accuracy. Ready to do some blood work?

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