Quiz: Can We Guess Your College Major?
Can We Guess Your College Major?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

These days, college is ever more necessary to gain access to the world of stable employment and jobs that turn into careers, instead of jobs that are limited to being forever... well, jobs. 

As automation threatens essentially every job that involves lifting, mending, driving, or working with your hands, and more than a few that involve repetitive cognitive actions like putting together a basic schedule or template legal document, college is one way that a person can hedge against the changing landscape of the economy and the job market, and prepare for the career of the future. 

This is likely to involve a variety of jobs and skills with several pivot points. It's scary and unstable, not like the opportunities our parents enjoyed. However, it's also a great deal more interesting and creative.

This means it's even more important that your college major is wisely chosen. It's best to pick a subject that you care about, that has some obvious marketing potential, and most of all, that gives you the opportunity to show you know HOW to think, rather than one that tells you WHAT to think. 

The ability to construct an argument, assess the validity of information and analyze it in context, communicate effectively with people unlike yourself, and adapt on your feet are far more important than lists of dates or arcane factoids. The right major can help you learn these skills - so tell us about yourself, and we'll see if we can guess yours!

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