Can We Guess Your Darkest Quality?

Emily Maggrett

We've got a piece of hot gossip about your best friend. Do you want to hear it?

Your student loan payment is due soon, but your partner wants you to accompany them to an expensive concert. What do you do?

This morning, you flubbed a phone interview. What do you tell yourself afterwards?

Imagine you're at the park when a big, fluffy Spitz runs over and flops at your feet. What do you do?

The hot new professor at your college just gave you a C, ruining your GPA for the semester. How do you react?

Which pop diva do you relate to the most?

You meet up with a Tinder date for coffee. You really like them, but apparently, the feeling isn't mutual. How do you cheer yourself up?

A rascally pug who lives in your building appears at your door. He must have escaped from his owner's apartment! How will you deal with this emergency?

You show up at a party where you spot someone wearing the exact same outfit as you ... but it looks better on them. What do you do?

You're a contestant on "Property Brothers," and your home renovation has been suspiciously drama-free. To make up for that, which expensive, impractical feature will you force Jonathan to add to your house?

At your yearly review, your boss mentions that you could improve how quickly you complete your TPS reports. Otherwise, your review is glowing. How do you feel?

Would you rather snuggle with a sweet dachshund or a snobbish black cat?

Your mom tells you a juicy secret about your sister. Do you leak it to the rest of the family?

Someone offers you a diamond necklace in exchange for sleeping with them. What do you say?

At a conference, someone laughs the fact that you drive a Prius. How long does it take you to get over it?

Your adorable son asks you if he can have a puppy for Christmas. What do you tell him?

If you were a "Gossip Girl" character, which one would you be?

What's your biggest culinary indulgence?

You have to deliver a speech for work. How do you prepare?

Your elderly aunt needs you to dog-sit her Scottie dogs while she gets a hip operation. What do you say?

Were you popular in high school?

In your opinion, how many towels does one person need?

When someone else bumps into you, do you say sorry?

In your opinion, what's the greatest dog movie of all time?

Do you like to read advice columns?

Would you rather live like "The Great Gatsby" or like David the Gnome?

When children insult you, does it bother you?

Imagine that you're offered an amazing job as lead marketer for a dog daycare. There's just one catch: everyone in the office has a big, slobbery dog. Do you take the position?

You find out that your partner's best friend is secretly in love with you. How do you handle the situation?

At karaoke last night, you had a bit too much to drink and sang three songs off-key. Your friends thought it was hilarious, but how do you feel?

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About This Quiz

It's the worst question you can be asked in a job interview. What are your weaknesses? For natural reasons, most people don't like talking about (or thinking about) their darker qualities. After all, it's embarrassing, and besides, no one is without their redeeming characteristics. Maybe you're chronically late but a very generous friend, or a lousy cook who volunteers as a community gardener every Sunday. The point is, none of us are all good or all bad; we're each an interesting blend of the two.

That said, you're here to take a quiz about your darkest quality, not to meditate on the nature of good and evil! So, let's talk about fatal flaws. Do you know what yours is? It's possible that you don't. Every HR person has a story about someone who claimed to be too perfectionistic, only to be revealed as rather slap-dash about their work. Most of us are familiar with someone who brags about their "tough, no-nonsense" communication style, while the rest of us wish that they'd learn to communicate less passive-aggressively. And of course, many antisocial people think that calling themselves "sensitive introverts" makes up for being rude to others at social gatherings. Newsflash: sensitive people don't knowingly hurt other people's feelings!

But this quiz won't be that serious; it's just for fun. So, are you ready to get real (and really silly) about your darkest quality? It's time to take this quiz!

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