Can We Guess Your Eye and Hair Color With This Food Test?

Talin Vartanian

What is the only condiment that is allowed on a hot dog?

True or false: A high-quality steak shouldn't need any seasoning for it to taste good.

Which of the following fast food chains serves the best French fries?

One of these vegetables deserves a place in the nearest trash bin, but which one should it be?

A rainy day calls for a comforting pasta dish! Which of these are you about to make for us?

Rise and shine! One of these breakfast dishes is about to give you a much-needed energy boost for the day, but which one is it?

Here, have a $50 gift card to Chili's! The question is, what entree are you going to indulge in?

Which of these fruits is acceptable to sprinkle over scooped ice cream?

If you were going to make a side dish of vegetables for dinner, would you opt for fresh or frozen veggies?

Fill in the blank: There's no point in feeling happy with life if I can't have a daily bowl of ______________.

It's time for a snack attack! Which of these yummy potato chips are you about to munch on?

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, which means it's time to choose one of these tailgating recipes to make! Which one will it be?

You've been working hard lately, so how about treating yourself to an exotic fruit dessert?

Which of these interesting international Coca-Cola flavors would you like to sample?

Summer is a great time to BBQ a variety of steaks! Which of these steak cuts will you choose?

You can make all kinds of recipes with a simple potato, but what's your favorite potato dish?

Money is no object for us when it comes to fancy foods. Which of these expensive dishes can we treat you to?

Do you know what time it is? It's time to make a poke bowl! Which of these raw fish types would you add to your creation?

It's Friday night and you really don't feel like cooking for yourself. Which of these Chinese takeout dishes are you about to order?

One of these trendy millennial foods has just got to go, but which one will it be?

There are probably a million and one ways to cook an egg, but how do you want yours cooked?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much do you love tuna melt sandwiches?

You could make some Italian food on your own or you could dine at one of these notable Italian restaurants! Which one do you prefer?

Your birthday is coming up and you're craving some cupcakes instead of a normal birthday cake. Which of these cupcake flavors will you choose?

Rain or shine, it's always a good time to indulge in which of these yummy soups?

Before you indulge in a hot bowl of ramen, you must choose one of these delicious broths! Which one is it?

Every type of cuisine is unique in their own way, but which of these is one of your favorites?

You're probably aware of Big Macs, but which of these international McDonald's meals would you like to try?

Which of these celebrity chefs would you like to train you in the art of cuisine?

If you were going to compete on an episode of Iron Chef America, which of these secret ingredients would you hope to work with?

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About This Quiz

From scalloped potatoes and steak tacos to pepperoni pizza and pineapples, there are a wide variety of recipes and snacks to choose from in the culinary world. And while there are no right or wrong preferences when it comes to such foods, your favorite flavors will give us insight into the colors of your hair and eyes. For example, if you have amber eyes (which are quite rare), then you might love citrus flavors that are more "light" on the palate. This is because amber eyes can appear to be golden or yellow (like a lemon fruit).

Your food palate is also made up of several "tastes," which includes bitter, umami (savory), sweet, salty and sour. So if you crave more bitter foods, then you might love coffee, dark chocolate, red wine and cranberries. On the other hand, someone who likes salty foods may crave potato chips, mixed nuts, pretzels and lunch meats (such as ham or turkey). And if you're curious about the umami taste, this just means savory flavors like tomatoes, soy sauce, soups and shellfish. So no matter what you love and hate in the culinary world, this food test will determine the colors of your hair and eyes!

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