Can We Guess Your Eye Color, Based on Your Piercing Preferences?

Ian Fortey

How many piercings do you have right at this moment?

Think back to that first piercing you ever got. Where was it done?

If you're getting a simple stud somewhere, what color should it be?

Let's keep it above the neck. What's your opinion on tongue piercings?

If you were to get a nose piercing, what kind of piercing would it be?

What kind of eyebrow piercing do you feel looks the best?

There are well over a dozen ways just to pierce your lip. Which one do you like the best?

Have you ever tried to pierce yourself at home without the proper equipment?

Are most of your piercings visible when you're out and about, or are they hidden beneath clothes?

If your job required you to not have any piercings except one in each ear at most, would that be OK?

Do you get pierced enough to have a place you consider "your" piercing place?

Is there any place you'd never get pierced?

Why did you get anything pierced in the first place?

In your group of friends, do you have more piercings than everyone else or fewer?

Have you ever gotten a piercing stuck on your clothes when you were getting changed?

Is getting pierced an act of rebellion in any way for you?

How would you describe your level of pain tolerance?

Most tattoo shops have a body piercer on staff. Do you have any tattoos?

Would you ever date someone who had no piercings?

Where does your family come from originally?

What do you think about ear plugs?

If you were heading out to get a new piercing today, who would be coming with you?

Have you ever pierced someone else?

Do other people's opinions about your piercings matter?

The world record for most piercings in a single session is over 1,000. How many could you handle in one day?

Would you rather sit for a tattoo or sit for a piercing?

Are you planning to get many more piercings?

What's your most terrifying experience with a piercing?

Do you like to see what's going on when you get pierced?

Do you think you're going to still have all your piercings when you're old and grey?

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About This Quiz

Someone once said that the eyes are the window to the soul.  Do you know what else is like a window?  A large gauge piercing!  You can see right through those things.  The fact is, we have a lot of outward expressions of our inner selves.  Not everything we share about who we are comes from verbal communication.  For instance, if we know you like to wear Spider-Man shirts all the time, we can assume you're a fan of Marvel comics and movies.  If you have a tattoo of a pit bull on your shoulder, it's likely you're a dog lover.  If you wear a ring on a certain finger, most people assume you're married.  It's not incredibly scientific in any way, it's just making use of little visual signs that help us understand the people around us.  

Now suppose we didn't have those visual signs. If all we have is what you can tell us about something like piercings, is it possible we can guess something as specific as the color of your eyes?  If you tell us your thoughts on surface vs. industrial, or ear vs. nose, could we figure out if you have blue eyes or hazel? Well, we're going to try. Give us some insight into your piercing preferences and we'll land on the eye color that fits.  Take the quiz and see!

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