Can We Guess Your Eye Color Based on Your Disney Preferences?

Khadija Leon

Which of these animated movies have you seen at least five times?

Which live-action remakes were you most excited about?

Which of these Disney Pixar movies is your favorite?

Which of these Disney princesses would you like to meet?

Which non-princess would you have as a roommate?

Which prince would you go to a party with?

Which of these non-royal guys would you drink a beer with?

Who would you have as a sidekick?

Which best friend duo is most like you are your bestie?

Which character reminds you of you sibling?

Which Disney parent is most like your own?

Which fairy would you want as an aunt?

Which classic Disney character do you like most?

Which of these female villains are you most scared of?

Which of these shady characters would you stay away from?

Which Disney scene made you cry?

Which of these songs do you know by heart?

Who is your favorite Disney couple?

Which Disney castle would you buy if you had the chance to?

If you could spend the day at Beast’s castle, how would you spend it?

Whose closet would you like to raid?

Whose ballgown would you like to see in person?

Which of the dwarfs would you invite over for Thanksgiving dinner?

Which chef would you like to cook you a meal?

Which Alice in Wonderland quote do you like most?

If you were to visit Orlando, which Disney theme park would you go to first?

Which TV character would you want to have by your side in a fight?

Which character from Moana would you want on your sports team?

Which Disney horse would you like to go places with?

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest, how excited are you when you find out that a new movie is coming out?

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Image: WikiCommons by mydisneyadventures

About This Quiz

Eye color is determined by the genetic traits inherited from one's parents. It is also based on the pigmentation of the iris and the frequency at which light hits it. In humans, eye colors range from shades of brown and black to blue and grey to green and hazel, which can change in some people as they age. 

For years now, scientists have been trying to link people's eye colors to their personalities, and they have come up with a list of traits that can be associated with each one. Will your light brown eyes say that you are sensitive? Will your blue eyes say how confident you are? Will your green eyes give hints of how mysterious you can be, or will your dark eyes tell people that you are trustworthy?

If you tell us some of your favorite things about Disney from your favorite movie to who you would like to have as a parent, we will not only try to guess what your eye color is, it will also tell you what traits are associated with it. Will this quiz be able to identify your eye color correctly? There is only one way to find out, and that is by taking this quiz!

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