Can We Guess Your Favorite American Sport?

Zoe Samuel

How do you feel about showboating?

How popular are PEDs in your sport?

How many of your favorite players are from the USA?

How do you feel about players taking dives?

What do you think of soccer?

How do you feel when there's an on-field fight?

How important is the character of a professional athlete?

How many variations are there on your sport?

Is your sport popular among both men and women?

Is your sport played at The Olympics?

What word do you use to refer to the big guys on a team?

How much do you worry about young athletes getting hurt?

How stylish are you?

What physical makeup does one need to play your favorite sport?

How would you describe your sense of style?

How many physical fights did you get into, growing up?

What's the worst behavior you'd be OK with a professional athlete doing?

How interested are you in what athletes have to say?

What kind of rules are the most important ones?

How should professional athletes deal with pain?

Who is it acceptable to punch?

How specialist are you in playing your sport?

What is the most important quality in an athlete's makeup?

How important is clubhouse atmosphere?

Which of these athletes do you respect the most?

Where do the best athletes come from?

If the whole world played your favorite sport, what country would rival the USA?

What is the most important virtue your sport teaches to youngsters?

What can really skinny players do in your sport?

How do you feel about cheating?

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About This Quiz

If the name Dave Kingman means something to you, you're probably a baseball fan who grew up, or at least lived, in the 1970s. If the name Joe Namath means something to you, then you're a similarly aged football fan. Mark Messier is name known to hockey fans from 1979 to 2004. Athletes are a way of remembering an age, and marking history.

Sports are a common language in America. No matter where you are from, certain American sports are popular enough that you are at least vaguely aware of their goings-on. Some parts of the country favor one particular sport or another, but even in football country, you'll find huge fans of lacrosse, basketball and hockey. The factors that make someone love one sport or another are a combination of outside influences such as region, family, the success of local teams, local climate, the skill and quality of local coaches, and one's natural abilities. Evidence of this is the frequent appearance of professional baseball players from all four corners of the Earth, where baseball is anything but popular.

We have worked out a series of questions guaranteed to tell us what American sport is your favorite. We know about the direct influences on what sports Americans follow, as well as indirect factors, such as how fans expect athletes to behave off the field. Your answers will tell us what sport you follow as clearly as if we had just come straight out and asked you. Take this quiz, and we will tell you what American sport is your favorite. Try us!

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