Can We Guess Your Favorite Branch of the Military?

Teresa McGlothlin

Have you ever been in the military?

Are you a good swimmer?

Which of your senses is strongest?

Have you ever been hunting?

Which first responder job would you like to try?

Do you make your bed every day?

Which weapon would you choose for a zombie apocalypse?

If you woke up on a deserted island, what would you do?

Which MRE would you have for dinner?

What is your most dominant personality trait?

Do you suffer from travel sickness?

How patriotic would your friends say you are?

Can you sing the national anthem?

Are you tech savvy?

Which military vehicle would you most like to drive?

How would you build a fire?

How well would you do in basic training?

Have you ever taken the ASVAB?

Do you pay attention to politics?

Which government agency would you most like to work for?

How physically fit are you?

Are you a better leader or a better team player?

What type of music do you like most?

How would your mom describe your driving?

Do you have any veterans in your family?

Which U.S. president do you find most interesting?

Which military film do you like most?

Which famous veteran do you like most?

Which kind of boots do you wear most often?

Which country would you most like to visit?

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Image: Getty Images via Stocktrek

About This Quiz

We are sure that you agree when we say that every branch of the military is tough, savvy, and important. However, it's only human nature to have a favorite! Perhaps you served in one particular branch, or someone close to you did. Once we learn about you and your military preferences, we'll know which branch you like the most. 

Marching through this quiz with us will be quite the adventure, and it should not be undertaken by the weak hearted. To find out which branch of the military you call your favorite, we are going to need to put you to the test. As humans, we tend to emulate the traits we see in the things we love. After getting to know you through your responses, the branch of the military you prefer will be clear to us. 

Whether you yell for the Navy or the Army football team would make it too easy. Instead, we want to get to know your true grit. It's only through understanding how you adapt, improvise, and overcome that we can make a judgment call as precise as a laser-guided missile. We think we can do it, but we need you to aim high. Are you ready? We are!

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