Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite Broadway Show Based on Your Disney Knowledge?
Can We Guess Your Favorite Broadway Show Based on Your Disney Knowledge?
By: Tori Highley
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Broadway plays and Disney movies are beloved by many due to their shared qualities. Both are known for their witty repertoires, irresistible soundtracks, and charming characters. The best Disney movies are often easily adapted to Broadway musicals, such as the popular hits "The Lion King," "Mary Poppins," and "Beauty and the Beast." 

It is no wonder that Disney fans are often Broadway fans as well. What is interesting is the effect that Disney has on taste in Broadway plays. Many people don't realize that their favorite Broadway plays have the same characteristics as their Disney favorites. Children who loved singing along with the "Aristocats" grew up to love "CATS" too. Teenagers crushing on the misguided Eugene from "Tangled" love to crush on "The Phantom of the Opera" too. Kids singing "Hakuna Matata" grow up to sing "Hasa Diga Eebowai" from "The Book of Mormon." 

With all of these examples of Disney fans evolving into Broadway lovers, will you be really surprised when we guess your favorite Broadway play? Our Disney questions are designed to go beyond simple questions. This quiz will reveal your favorite entertainment elements, like character tropes and sense of humor. With that information, your favorite Broadway play is easy to see!

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