Can We Guess Your Favorite College Basketball Team?

Ryan Choate

Is your favorite team's mascot an animal?

Would you describe your team as a perennial powerhouse?

What is your favorite color combination?

Is your school's football team also good?

Is your team's school a public or private university?

Do you like living in cold weather or somewhere warmer?

What did you study in college?

Does your college have a rival team in the same state?

Does your college have a lot former players in the NBA?

What are you most likely to do on a weekend?

What is your preferred attire when attending a game?

What kind of food do you get at the game?

What is your preferred beverage?

Where do you like to watch the games when the team is on the road?

If you could play basketball, which position would you play?

What's your mode of transportation to the games?

If you could just wipe out one college basketball team so your team never had to play them again, which would it be?

If you could be a coach, what would be your coaching style?

Do you think college athletes should stay in school for 4 years?

Which of these is your favorite musician?

What's your favorite college experience?

How do you feel about traditions?

Which of these events would you skip if your team is playing in the final four?

What kind of car do you drive?

What do you do when your team has a losing season?

How do you feel about Bluegrass music?

What is the NBA team that you cheer for?

How would you describe your diet?

Have you ever run onto the court after a big win?

If the coach of your favorite team was involved in a scandal how would you react?

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About This Quiz

The game of basketball has roots that go all the way back to 1891 when P.E. teacher James Naismith invented the game to keep his students in shape over the winter. The game became popular in the Northeast and soon colleges began forming teams to compete with other colleges in the area. 

In a few years, the game of basketball exploded in popularity and in March of 1922 we saw the first National Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament. It has been madness in March ever since. The college game would produce legendary coaches and players including UCLA coach John Wooden who coached his Bruins to 10 national Championships in the 60's and 70's.

Today we have 347 division I college basketball programs in the country. These teams each vie for a coveted spot in the national tournament each year. The field was expanded recently from 64 teams to 68 teams all competing for a national championship. The teams play single elimination until a final champion is crowned. It is an elite honor for teams to make it into the tournament every year and a boost to programs and school exposure to make it into the Final Four. Drive to the hoop on this quiz and we will try and guess your favorite college basketball team!

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