Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite Football Commentator?
Can We Guess Your Favorite Football Commentator?
By: Steven Symes
Image: Steve Debenport/ E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Is silence golden, or do you like a lot of talking? Are you into the life stories during games, or do you just want play calling? There's more than one way to behave as a football commentator, and not everyone is a fan of each one. 

Football commentators can really make or break a game. Some fans will mute the television and turn on the radio, preferring the commentary that's playing there, while enjoying the live video of the game. Others love the background stories for players who were struggling or maybe had a unique childhood, thinking it enriches their understanding of what's going on out on the field. 

There are some commentators who are loud and animated as they react to developments in a game, especially touchdowns and big plays. Others provide a calm, even analysis that could actually enrich your understanding of the coaches' strategies as the game plays out. These are most obviously preferences, and everyone has them. 

Plenty of great commentators have worked NFL and college games. Some have really made a huge impact on the game. Others are remembered for some notorious reasons, something that certain people just love. Take this quiz and we'll guess your favorite of the bunch, based on your answers!

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