Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite Football Team?
Can We Guess Your Favorite Football Team?
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Football has been a big thing in England long before any of us were born and it shows no signs of slowing down. The very first set of modern rules were established over 150 years ago, and has since then had tens of thousands of clubs association teams. This country has the oldest governing body in football, as well as the oldest knockout team competition. It's most lucrative, popular and best domestic league is the Premier League- a competition that has many of the richest clubs worldwide. 

Not only does this league have world-class football, but it also has world-class players with world-class managers, all of which make for great television and quizzes. So, we want to find out which team and manager you love watching in the Premier League. 

Are you a fan of the Blues? Do you miss Mourinho and Frank Lampard more than anything? Or are you a Red Devil? Is Manchester United who you go wild for? What about the Gunners? You guys just lost Arsene Wenger but there's hope for you yet! Or do you support another team entirely?

We need you to answer these questions as honestly as possible; then we'll make an educated guess as to where your heart belongs, or where it should. 

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