Can We Guess Your Favorite Golfer?

By: Zoe Samuel

Do you love a trailblazer?

How important are good looks?

Do you think it's tacky when golfers are covered in logos?

Should a golfer live clean?

How long have you been watching golf?

Who do you like to play with?

What's your handicap?

What's your nickname at the club?

Would you be a member of a golf club that exluded women?

How old did you first get a set of clubs?

Have you ever won any golf tournaments?

Did you ever think of going pro?

Would you keep on playing if it started raining?

Where do you like to play the most?

What bad habit of yours does your golf instructor simply have to correct every year?

If you got a birdie, how unusual would that be for you?

If your game is going badly, how many holes does it take you to lose your temper?

Do you use a caddy?

Do you use a golf cart?

Do you spend most weekends golfing?

Do you bet on professional golf?

Be honest: have you ever cheated at golf?

How far is too far to travel for a day of golf?

How much is too much to spend on a set of clubs?

Should people be allowed to bring their dog to the golf course?

What's the most important skill for a golfer to have?

Which is your best shot?

Which is your worst shot?

If you found out you were playing against someone who was cheating, but you couldn't prove it, what would you do?

Your first shot off the tee, you hit the ball backwards into your own toe. You don't even know how it happened. Do you just give up for the day?

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About This Quiz

Golf is one of those games that you just have to get. For some people, it's their idea of hell, being outside for probably three or four hours walking from here to there whacking at a tiny little ball with a big long stick and knowing that if you lose your temper, your game will only get even worse. Other people see it as a marvelous opportunity to get some exercise, socialize with friends, and win or lose a little money on that rare thing, a sport that can be handicapped to allow almost anyone to play against almost anyone else without it being ridiculous.

Watching golf is similarly divisive. Some people would rather watch paint dry. Others love to see different courses to their local one and learn from observing the experts play. They also follow their favorite players, who - unlike in other, more violent sports - can enjoy careers spanning many decades. Given that golf requires you to think before you act no matter how things are going, it tends not to attract the same kind of erratic characters commonly found in other sports, which is why genteel folk are often attracted to it.

Which golfer is your favorite? Tell us a little about your relationship with the game, and we'll figure it out!

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