Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite MLB Player?
Can We Guess Your Favorite MLB Player?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Since the days of Lip Pike, the very first professional baseball player, baseball fans have had our favorites. Because every baseball position lends itself to specific kinds of athletes, certain players have excelled in very specific ways. Just as first basemen and right fielders are traditional power positions, so it is with short and second being traditional speed positions. Historically, catchers are the brains behind the team, steady hitters, and leaders, while pitchers are high strung, highly emotional, explosive personalities who thrive on stress and the hate of opposing fans.

Outside of the game, some players are a handful. A-Rod famously cheated on and divorced his wife. Babe Ruth held his manager off the side of a train by his neck. After a bad performance, he would later credit to his alcoholism, Scott Proctor lit fire to his gear, piled up on the mound. All sports are a roller-coaster of emotions, and that can take its toll, off the field.

Have a look at your fantasy roster. Check the all-star rankings. Now, look at the gossip rags. We have some questions for you which we think we can use to determine who is your favorite current Major League Baseball player. Put out your knowledge to the test!

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