Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite MLB Team?
Can We Guess Your Favorite MLB Team?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The story of Major League Baseball is over a century old, and many of the original teams continue to play in their home cities. The expansion era saw the spread of professional baseball to nearly every corner of the United States. 

The era of free agency further changed the game, meaning players seldom spend their entire careers with a single team. While the teams are local, players are drawn from every nook and cranny of the world, with every language from Spanish to Japanese filling clubhouses. Loyalty to a team can still mean loyalty to a geographic region, but now it can also mean a connection to a particular player because of their culture or background. 

It used to be that fans only followed the exploits of their favorite laundry, a uniform being the basis of their fandom, but today fans follow the careers of players as they move from team to team, further complicating matters.

Finally, there is the history of a team and its record. Some teams are excellent but have little history. Other teams have a century or more of history surrounding every game they play. These teams carry not only the bragging rights of their current team but also every legendary team they have assembled before. Still, we think we can name your favorite MLB team. Care to put our system to the test?

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