Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite NBA Team?
Can We Guess Your Favorite NBA Team?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: WikiCommons by Keith Allison

About This Quiz

There really are just two kinds of people: those that sort of like basketball, and those that like it a lot. If you fall into the latter category, you probably know how cool you are without us having to tell you. But to be a true basketball fan, you aren't just rooting for any team or the one that is the most popular or doing the best now. 

Instead, you're rooting for your favorite team, the one that you watch year in and year out, whether they have a chance to win the championship, are just scraping into the playoffs, or they are so bad that they are going to be in the lottery.

But which is your favorite team? Are you one of those people who are all about the old school teams that are starting to get good again, like the Celtics with Kyrie Irving or the Lakers with Lonzo Ball? Or are you into some of the best teams right now, like the Warriors with Steph Curry or the Rockets with James Harden? 

Do you think your choices are a slam dunk for us to guess? Or are you going to try and hit us with a crossover? Take this quiz and let's see if we can guess your favorite NBA team.

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